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The CCAD is a competence center oft the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences dedicated to industrial automation. The CCAD combines the resources of the Department of Electrical Engineering concerning automation technology.

Pfeil LAB 1: EduNet Lab
Pfeil Lab 2: Fab21
Pfeil Lab 4: ICA lab

The CCAD maintains a learning platform for its’ students.

Pfeil CCAD learning platform
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Weblog des FB 3

Allgemeine Informationen finden Studierende im WEBLOG des Fachbereichs Elektrotechnik.

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Picture of Reinhard Langmann
TATU project in Kharkov
by Reinhard Langmann - Thursday, 30 June 2016, 05:16 PM

From June 20 - 23 the 6. General Meeting in the EU project TATU takes place in Kharkov (Ukraine). The CCAD ist the project coordinator in the project. A team from the Ukrainian TV makes a News clip from the project meeting.

You can find the clip on YouTube here:

--> Link to YouTube

Picture of Reinhard Langmann
Keynote auf der MCAE 2016
by Reinhard Langmann - Thursday, 30 June 2016, 05:10 PM

Prof. Langmann is one of the keynote speakers on the International Conference on Mechatronics, Control and Automation Engineering (MCAE2016) in July 24-25, 2016, Bangkok/Thailand. His keynote will deal with "Automation 4.0 - The way to the producation of the future".

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Picture of Reinhard Langmann
Training in Industry 4.0
by Reinhard Langmann - Sunday, 21 February 2016, 05:53 PM
Industry 4.0

From May 2016 Prof. Langmann performs advanced training seminars to Industry 4.0 - Fundamentals of CPS-based Automation Systems in the Steinbeiss-Transferzentrum Entwicklung, Produktion und Management in Stuttgart

Here you can find the seminar flyer:

--> Seminar flyer Industry 4.0

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Düsseldorfer Telelabor

DTThe Duesseldorf Telelaboratory (DT) ist the R&D lab of the CCAD. It is dedicated to research concerning remote engineering and the use of internet technology in industrial facilities.

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Lab 1: EduNet-Labor

EduNet labThe EduNet lab is a laboratory on the subject PLC- echnology, using Phoenix Contact’s EduNet PLC kits. Equipped with 20 PCs it is also used as a seminar and project room for CCAD

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Lab 2: Fab21

The Fab21 is a training & research factory for hybrid production processes, equipped with modern automation components.
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Lab 3: Fertigungsaut.

AUTLABThe laboratory for manufactoring automation (AUTLAB) is a teaching and project lab dedicated to research concerning robot technology, image processing and close-to-process communication.

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Lab 4: MSR-Labor

Instrumentation & Control labThe ICA lab is a teaching and project lab dedicated to process measuring and control technology, equipped with adjustment technology devices and SIMANTIC control technology.

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